The Power of Prayer

Ever dreamed about mass revival breaking out across America? Or the possibility of one of your friends coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.

Your dreams become reality when we pray. Demons flee when we speak of Jesus’ Holy Name.

Lets talk about the power of prayer and how the first step of being a campus missionary is being in a close relationship with God, and in order to do this, we pray. We will talk about praying with power, expectance, and being fearless when we pray in public.

Praying with POWER.

When you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to come upon you, for God will actually reveal things to do through your own prayer.

Pray loud and proud! You can silently pray in your heart, God still hears and answers those prayers, but imagine the devil’s reaction when he hears a child of God praying out loud, with no shame. We pray not only to talk to God, but be witnesses for Him.

We serve a God who is never silent, but we are a generation who doesn’t like to listen. Pray for empowerment by the Holy Spirit to pray with POWER! (Acts 1:8)

Praying with EXPECTANCE.

I encourage you, when you pray, to expect God to hnor His word which says “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

When you pray, dream big, and you are allowed to expect God to answer that prayer!

A sign that you have expected God to answer your prayer, is to praise Him for the miracle before it took place. Praise Him for the revival He is sending to your school!

When we pray with expectance, we will see huge things happen. God will give answers that are more than we can ask and think!


It can be hard to pray in public. When I was in school, in my bathroom, I was praying (Don’t judge me) and then the door opened and someone came in. I stopped praying at that moment. God convicted my heart, and I realized I was ashamed of the gospel.

Pray without fear. If Jesus can pray “Forgive them father for they know not what they do,” (Luke 23:24) then we can pray in front of anyone!

Let your voice be heard! Each of us prays and uses a unique War Cry inside of us, so let the world hear yours!

If we want to see our schools saved, we need to pray in public, in private, and without fear of anyone who will judge us!

 Final thoughts:

  • Revival is coming, so join with us in praying for it to happen soon!
  • Be empowered to pray, from the Holy Spirit inside of you!
  • Expect God to go above and beyond when you pray!
  • Jesus wasn’t ashamed of you, so don’t be ashamed of Him!

Together, we will rise, and through prayer and action we will share the Good News of Jesus Christ to schools all around Florida!

Written by:
Samuel Jeter
Campus Missionary

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