Never Give up – Student Testimony


Life will throw you some curve balls, but that doesn’t mean you should quit!

Check out Heather’s story:

 Growing up was rough; everywhere I turned there was opposition. My father was angry at all times and my mother scared. I spent years confused about life. Even after my salvation experience at a young age, things only grew harder. This lead to 10 months of therapy and an even harder home life. For many years I was living a lie.

 However, during my senior year of high school everything changed. I transferred to a new school and started over in my relationship with God. I was new, I was different, and I was determined. I ran for class president and got voted vice president. I helped build floats, plan trips, and was no longer a “nobody”. I worshiped as hard as I could at chapel; hoping my classmates would know how serious I was about Jesus. Half way through the year I made posters and hung them in the halls for all to see. I wanted to inspire and encourage my classmates.

 Then something scary happened. I started getting sick. Different conditions came up and I was at the Doctor all the time the second half of my senior year. Stomach problems started, I began to loose my white blood count, and the Doctor found something in my brain behind my left ear. Then something amazing happened… God completely healed me from everything! I poured my heart out to him and he poured his healing love out on me.

I was ready to graduate healthy and happy, not knowing the impact I truly made until we got our yearbooks. One person in particular who was nice to me, but also picked on me, made me so happy when he explained how I was an example and a great friend. How I was someone to look up too, which would have never crossed my mind. Because I poured my heart out when I was in High school God poured out his love over my life. 

Heather faced tremendous obstacles in her home life as well as with her health. It would have been much easier to throw in the towel, but instead she continued to shine bright for Jesus. In the midst of her struggle, Heather unknowingly made a huge impact on the students around her. Don’t give up! You never know who may be watching you.

Take a moment to think about the ways you could impact your campus in a positive way. Share your ideas with your youth ministry, friends, and family. Synergy happens when we all work together for a common goal! Don’t try to change your campus by yourself. Just like Heather, God has a team waiting to help you accomplish these dreams!

This is where Heather stands today…

My dream is to give youth hope for a future. Even though life may start out in pain there can be healing and love. My father is now a mighty man of God and my father and my mother have sense been children’s pastors.

Do you have a testimony about how God used you to make an impact on your campus? Let us know! Go to and click the share your story button under the about tab.


Written by:
Natalie Barnoske
Youth Alive Missionary/Evangelist
Co-Founder of Generation Outcry International

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