God Has Big Plans!

Every single day, Campus Missionaries are making an impact all throughout the nation. In this blog, we are honored to share with you Kenneth’s story.  We hope that this will encourage you to do something powerful for God this year at your school. Think outside of the box and start small, God has big plans in store for you!


Kenneth’s Testimony

“To begin with, I moved from India to America at age 7 due to family, work-related matters. I started out with very basic English skills and had no knowledge of American culture. My real journey with Christ, I believe, started in Jersey City, NJ. Being a second grader, getting moved to an entirely new environment- India to America, posed issues that even now could break my heart. We went to an AG church named Riverview Assembly of God, but I made no friends there. All my peers viewed me as “that kid” and it wasn’t any better at school. There I would get bullied and picked on; all this added up, I had no reason to believe that God was real. I would tell myself that God was a made-up figure to help people feel good. At the time, what I was thinking stayed along the lines of: “If God had ANY power, then why would he take a normal boy’s life and turn it into a miserable, worthless one?”. This curious mindset quickly turned to hate and transitioned into me believing in the enemy’s lies. A quick summary in elementary school for me was straight up just others hurting me – issues with my parents and issues with my peers. When I was 10, we all moved to Florida where we found the church I attended during middle school and still attend now, Arise Assembly of God. Without getting into details, a quick summary of middle school was depression, loneliness, sin – ranging from swearing all the way to addictions, me bullying other kids, and on top of all of this, a form of hate towards the mention of the name: Jesus. The only real friend I had at the time was a boy that went to church with me named Nick. Summer of 2016 rolls around and for multiple reasons, Nick convinced me to go to Youth Camp with him, so I said: “Eeh, why not?” Some 5 days later, camp; God I should say, took away and gave me a lot. I was no longer under the chains of addiction, or the bounds of hate and lies – I had a fire and a passion that in the course of the past two years (9th and 10th grade), have both experienced sky-high peaks and valley lows.


These circumstances caused pain for a continuous 7 years, and though at the time, accomplished nothing but a miserable representation of the world from my perspective and hurt for all the people around me…


Those SAME circumstances created the generous, passion-driven, student minister that I strive to be at Strawberry Crest High School today. Experiencing those hard times and understanding the impact a peer’s words and actions can do to and for a person has led me to attempt to bring the single greatest thing that ever happened to me, Jesus, to all of my friends at school. I know that if I had the knowledge that someone was to offer me time, heart, energy, maybe even a crucifixion for me, during that season of struggle, I would have felt loved and accepted – without a doubt surrendered my life to the kingdom of God.


All that, the fruits of stopping and listening to God – letting him work, has resulted in me starting a club at my school as a freshman in high school. Now, I am a sophomore and I have become 100% open to the idea of sharing Christ unashamed. My plan for this year is to pray for people in a very radical way both publicly and privately. Beyond that, my goal is to, on a personal, one on one note, impact the people God puts in front of me.”


Written by Kenneth Winston, Campus Missionary to Strawberry Crest High School


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