Even Simple Can Be Life Changing

At first I’d say my story isn’t quite as spectacular as the others. Some are bold enough to preach on picnic tables, lead clubs, and take a whole group out for #SeeYouAtThePollDay. But on second thought, this isn’t true since God uses everyone’s stories in mighty ways.

I’ve impacted my school in these three following ways:

(1) By Being Bold

The definition of the word bold is: a person, action, or idea showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous… which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year. I’d been struggling with being lukewarm in my faith all through middle school, because I was “popular”. Being Christian wasn’t the popular thing to be. Being lukewarm, cursing, and being an undercover Christian was my life all through middle school. You’re probably wondering what’s an undercover Christian? An undercover Christian is basically when you hide your faith during your normal life and suddenly bring it out when it’s church time. I was tired of that. I wanted this year to be the year of change.

After camp I had the fire and passion to be bold in my faith, but when I came home I realized that my heart changed but my surroundings didn’t. I went to the Empowerment Day Conference carrying all this baggage and I left feeling fired up to be the light in my campus and I felt free. I was bold and told everyone I crossed paths with about Jesus. I even offered to pray for my teachers! It took little signs to know that I was becoming bolder in my faith. In the beginning of the year it was super hard for me to even to wear Christians shirts, but in the middle of the year I was able to walk around in those shirts and I even got compliments on them. I invited people to church and was known for always talking about Jesus. People came up to me for prayer, because “You and God are like best friends!” It was amazing to know that I can walk around not having to hide things.

(2) Being Submissive

Have you ever had those moments when you’re just sitting and God’s like, “I want you to talk to that person right there” and you’re sitting there like I don’t even know them? That happened to me at lunch. Not many people were there and there was this girl sitting by herself. I wrestled with God for a little and then finally gave up and walked to the girl. I sat down and said hi. We began talking and I started talking to her about Jesus and we ended up having a great conversation. I prayed for her and we finished our conversation.

Another time I was talking about Jesus and my friend and I told her that I go to Arise Assembly. One day at youth she came up to me after church with tears in her eyes thanking me for inviting me to this church. She told me that the day I invited her to church she was going to commit suicide, but she came to our church. She gave me a huge hug. I went home that night in awe, because something so simple turned into a huge life changing testimony. All I had to do was submit to God’s plan for my life!

(3) By Being Kind

There was this girl that had special needs and every so often she’d scream and it would scare people. So naturally no one wanted to sit with her or talk to her, because they were scared and thought she was weird. So, every day I passed her and saw her sitting alone. Till one day I got angry and asked my friends, “Why doesn’t anyone sit with her?” They said, “I don’t know, but to be honest it’s kind of sad.” So, I suggested we go sit with her and they gave it thought and said no. So, I went to the girls in the Christian club I go to. I thought they’d be totally supportive and go but they said no faster than my other friends did. So, I tried to ask one more person. I asked this one girl who had a fire for Jesus in heart. She said yes, and we walked up to the girl and had a conversation about school and God.

When I first wrote this article, I thought that my story had no significance, but now I see that my ordinary has done some extraordinary things. I hope that you can be inspired by this.

Written by: By: Brianna Soto

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